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Spell Checking in PIOs! (General Notes, Callouts, etc.)

Markus Barrera-Kolb


Please, allow us to use spell check in text PIO objects! Most of the text in our drawings resides in database objects, such as general notes and callouts, and if I can't spell check these, then the spell checker is virtually useless to me. This is very basic functionality! OS X even provides a system-wide spell checker, yet VW doesn't allow me to use it either...

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I believe the reason VW does not inherit OSX's system-wide spell checking feature is because most of VW is still written in Carbon. Correct me if I'm wrong.

It is incredibly simple to add OSX's built-in spell checking to a Cocoa application, so much so I could run off and write a text editor from scratch in 10 minutes with this function and many others included by default no less. If memory serves, all new NSTextView elements are already set to use continuous spell checking.


AndiACD: "Another "Basic Essential" loosing out to Racing Stripes and Bells and Whistles."


Indeed. Expect VW 2011 to ship with LEED??? tools, yet still no spell check or X fence type.

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