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very basic question - windows aren't showing up in elevation

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Basically a rank beginner here, trying to work my way thru J. Pickup's "Essential Tutorial Manual," when I follow the instructions to create an elevation from a 3D model (go to "x" view, Modify>Convert>Convert Copy to lines - use Hidden LIne Rendering) the resulting elevation doesn't include the windows I inserted in the wall (there are windows in every wall, same thing happens with every view). I have a feeling it has something to do with the windows I inserted. Suggestions?

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I'm guessing, but...

It sounds like the window symbols may not be inserted in the walls. So the window isn't creating a wall break.

In a front or side view in wireframe rendering you can see the window. But in hidden line or openg GL rendering the window will disappear.

If you click on a window and look in the OIP does it say "Window" or "Window in Wall"?

If it says "Window" then you probably need to change the wall insertion mode in the 2D selection tool. If you activate the 2D selection tool and hit the "I" key repeatedly you will see that mode turn on and off in the mode bar.



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