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While using the text tool in vw8.5, I figured out that it was possible to "get out" of the text tool by making a horizontal or vertical motion with the mouse's button held down. Essentially, creating a new text window with a width or height of zero. It was very handy, especially when adding lots of small notes all over a drawing, since the text tool didn't have to be cancelled by moving the mouse all the way over to a tool pallette each time. This feature has been "fixed" in vw9.0.1, and I miss it a lot.

Assuming this was an intentional fix from NNA and I haven't seen it mentioned on this board, I'd guess I'm not going to get that function back in a newer release, So,is it possible on my own to get the function of 8.5's text and put it into 9.0.1? Can a tool from one version be swapped into another?

G4, OS9.2

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When I use the escape key for this, my text disappears until I move the text block either by going to the palette & choosing the 2D select (which defeats the purpose of using the keyboard to get out), or by nudging. I am using XP and VW 9.5.

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Sorry! Egg on my face. Apparently I had downloaded the 9.5 update, but not installed it. The escape key is now working just fine for text. (Recently switched from Mac to PC & haven't gotten all my updates, etc organized yet). I am still having problems with exporting to image, however, posted earlier today to general discussion.

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In VW 9.5 on XP, when typing text followed by the ESC key, the text block closes and is a 2d object that is selected. The text tool is still the active tool, however the text block gets closed.

If you have a large text block, this may take a second for it to refresh the screen. I've noticed it takes a little longer to close the text block when using the ESC key vs just clicking somewhere in the drawing to end the active text block.

It should not be moving your text around on the screen however.

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