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As a simple base plan, referenced into other drawings. In those other drawings, items are added in local layers, depending on what that sheet's purpose is. Only one person works on the base plan; changes to the plan are reported to that person who then informs whichever people need to know. Those people modify the information on their drawings to suit the change. The plan is referenced, so the change to it need be made only once. Since other sheets' information are on separate drawings, several people are making the necessary adjustments at the same time. Since only one person makes changes to the plan, per se, there is a controlled flow of information and nobody is stepping over anybody else's toes.

The rep said that base plans held all the information -- in some cases elevation information also -- and that different people work on different parts of the building. Does that answer your question?

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Setting the USER origin in a layer of a certain scale affects the position of the user origin in other layers of different scales. Why are those origins not independent. The linking means that it is impossible -- well, impractical and unfeasible, technically -- to xre-... sorry, 'workgroup reference' in drawings at different scales.

A VW rep who was by a while ago, after hearing how our office used w-referencing, said that it wasn't what the programmers have been designing towards, so I don't know how many other users encounter such a problem. tongue.gif" border="0

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