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Plant center dots disappear in viewport; no tag line

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I am being driven mad by a couple of problems with plant symbols and would really appreciate any insights.

I've created a plant symbol, and placed an array of it on a Design Layer, which is referenced by a Sheet Layer viewport.

When the symbol's "Tick Style" is set to "Cross," the center tick shows up both in the Design Layer and the viewport. But when "Tick Style" is set to "Dot," the center ticks show up as expected in the Design Layer, but not at all in the viewport.

Furthermore, I have the symbol's "Tag Center" set to "Continuation Line", but don't see that line in either Design Layer or viewport, no matter how the tag is oriented.

All my classes and lines are visible, and the Properties of the plant group are consistent with the properties of the symbol definition. The problem persists with other plant symbols (e.g. VW defaults), not just my own creation.

I've also tried editing the symbol graphic to center on 0,0 but that creates the additional problem of symbols and ticks/tags being displaced from each other, without solving the visibility problems.

Snapshots of the symbols in Design Layer (good) and Sheet Layer (bad) are attached. Thanks in advance for your help.

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I've figured out why the center dots disappear -- now I need a fix.

The problem seems to be that the center dot is, by VW default, a color other than Black. Therefore, when I set either the Document Preferences or the viewport properties to "black and white only," the (non-black) center dot disappears.

The only workaround I have found is to turn off all the "black and white only" options, then set the pen color of every class in the viewport to black, which overrides the default dot color.

If anyone has a true solution -- i.e. actually editing the center dot settings -- I would love to know about it.


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Just called tech support on this and they said you cannot control the color of the dot.

BUT, thru trial and error, I did just figure out that you can make the circle outline of the dot appear if you set the Class color to black and then set the class line weight to a heavy line weight.

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