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I'm trying to use an {$Include} Inside an included file.


PIO Says

{$include /Drive/Object.txt}

Content of Object.txt

Procedure Example;


{$include /Drive/ObjectDrawRect.txt}



Content of ObjectDrawRect.txt


It does not seem like the nested include works.

Anyone know anything or know how to get this to work?.

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I researched this in VW2008 and 2009 back in the fall of 2008. I never found a way to get nested includes to work.

I suggest that you file another bug report on it.

If you are using an external editor like BBEdit, you may be able to do the includes there rather than in VS. Textwrangler does not do includes.



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I use nested includes extensively in Reshaper. Fifty-five files, three levels deep; No problem. I don't know if this is necessary, but I use the full file path name, and I also use the Windows path name delimiters "/" for cross platform stability.


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I looked at Reshaper- looks like this is for Windows platform, and for coding C?.

Your signature says your on a macMINI. Do you use Reshaper on Mac.

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Yes, Reshaper is written in VectorScript for Vectorworks, so it will work (should work) on both Mac and Windows platforms equally. That has been one of the challenges in its development, to make it work the same on both as there are minor differences in the way VS performs on the two machines (mostly in the Modern Dialog calls). The sad thing is when I get it right, nobody notices. :-p

If you'd like to try it, send me the last 6 digits of your VW serial number and I'll send you a copy and a DEMO KEY that will enable Reshaper for 30 days. Also, tell me what version of the software you want it for. From your signature I'd guess you'd want it for VW 2009, but I have versions of Reshaper working from VW 11 to VW 15 (2010).


PS - Oh yeah, an address might help. info@siriussolutions.net

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My apologies Raymond.

I thought reshaper was a code editor, haha.


Anyhow after your post I did research and am keen to try out your Reshaper. I emailed you.

Back to the nested $includes.

Can you please cut and paste your nested include path that is working. Then I can check my file path structure against yours.


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More testing.... Yes nested worked!

I did have a the include file structure looking like this:

{$INCLUDE /Dropbox/AssemblyScript/Plug-Ins/0TestShell2}

Which works fine inside the VW plug in script.

To get the nested path to work I changed it to

{$INCLUDE Lap13 HD:Dropbox:AssemblyScript:Plug-Ins:0TestShell2}

Okay good. BUT now I have a new problem.

I use Dropbox (www.dropbox.com) to sync my Vectorworks Setting across my three computers. Each computer has dropbox installed and sharing a folder VW 2009 Settings. On each computer I set the VW preference I set my user folder to this folder.



I add a plug-in and edit my workspace on one computer


Dropbox updates the folders on the other computers- thus we have identical set up on all computers in the office by just changing one. This work a treat.


All my plugins use $Include with the file path: /dropbox/../../

if I go and change my file paths to using Lap13 HD:Dropbox:..:.. then as each computer has a different drive name I will have a different problem.


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Another option might be to use an alias of the file in the dropbox on each computer's drive and point to the alias. I use aliases often with plug-in development so that my files stay in a project folder and an alias of the folder containing the plug-ins and includes is placed in the VW plug-ins folder. So they should work...


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