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Change colour of Instrument symbols

Will P

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Hi All,

I'm trying to figure out how to get a few of my instruments to print in a different colour (red). I've tried changing the colour of the class but it doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions would be mighty appreciated!

I'm on a Mac OS10.6 working with VW2009.



Halifax, NS

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You're correct - that won't work.

All the geometry in the symbol is in the none class. The symbol is treated like a container: changing the class of the symbol doesn't change the class assignment of the interior elements - so the color doesn't change.

If you want a different color you'll have to duplicate the symbol, change the color/class of the objects, and replace the symbols you want to be red.



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As described above a symbol, inlcuding ones used by Lighting Devices, will always display the color of their symbol definition. Depending on what your color needs are, you can use layer colors. When I'm drawing the plot for a dance concert, that has multiple choreographies, I often put the specials for each piece on a separate layer and use layer colors. "Use Layer Colors" is in the "Document Preferences". If your color needs or document organization needs do not lend themselves to layer colors, you're out of luck.



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