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To 9.5 or not to 9.5

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surprisingly, I am having far fewer problems in 9.5 running natively on os X.1 than I did with 9 on os 9. Come to think of it, no problems whatsoever---other than the maddening issues of postscript errors on our 455CA plotter. (We've had ps errors ever since upgrading to VWA 9) I think we are about to purchase an HP 500ps instead.

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I've been running 9.5.0b5 for about a week in OS 10.1.

In my experience it is much faster and more stable than 9.0.1 under OS 9.2.

That said remember it's still a beta, so I do crash occassionally, seems to have to do with zooming. The cool thing about OS 10.1 is that when VW crashes the system dosen't. No need to restart. smile.gif" border="0

OS 10.1 runs smoothly and even classic apps. seem to run as fast or faster than under OS 9.2

jhutchison How are you printing to your HP455ca under OS 10.1? I can print to our laserwriters but I cant figure out how to print to the large format plotter?

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Regarding the Beta, please don't forget that the appropriate location for Beta problems is bugsubmit@nemeteschek.net so that the correct people get the information faster.

As for the HP455CA, there is a memory leak in the RIP software. Increasing memory in the RIP software may help and we will have a TechNote on the website as soon as possible for this.

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