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Export to PDF problems....!

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Hi - I'm very new to Vectorworks and could use some friendly advice. I've been creating construction drawings and putting them onto A2 landscape sheet layers by creating a viewport. I want to be able to take my files to my local printer in PDF format. I click File>Export>Export to PDF. After exporting, my Adobe 9.3 reader fires up but soon displays an 'out of memory' message, quickly followed by an'invalid plugin' error message. The export to PDF works fine for very basic drawings, the more detailed construction drawings. I am tearing my hair out with this. Can anyone help?

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You appear to be experiencing multiple issues:

1) Printer Driver

2) PDF Reader

Make sure that you have the correct and most recent Printer Drivers installed and selected prior to ExportPDF. Also, give VW> PrintToPDF a try... what happens ?

Adobe Reader may require a re-install to obtain the missing or invalid plug-ins which it requires to perform its magic.

Try VW > Import>PDF ... what happens ?

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I can import PDF now problem. I can export PDF as long as the drawings are A3 or smaller. I don't have an optioon to print to PDF from Vectorworks. how do I set this up?

Also, you mention checking to see if I have the latest printer drivers - I'm showing just how technical I am now (!!!), but how d I do this?

Thanks for your help Islandmon.

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Problem seems to have been resolved. It turns out that my A2 sheet layer template was causing the problem. I can't for the life of me understand why, but as long as I had the words 'copyright 2010 by George Phillips. All rights reserved. Do not reprint without permission' located next to my title block, then Vectorworks wouldn't export to PDF?!?!?! Strange....

As soon as I redrafted my A2 sheet layer template and moved this wording to the bottom left of the sheet, then the problem disappeared. I guess I just found some glitch.... but I did waste three days getting to the bottom of the problem. The wierd thing was that this A2 sheet layer template exported to PDF fine from a tired old XP machine, but my new notebook wasn't playing the game!

Thanks for your help. I've found these forums really useful.

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