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Hardscape texture in wireframe isometric

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I am fairly new to Vectorworks but does anyone know how to make a hardscape surface appear in a 3 D Isometric (wireframe)? I don't have renderworks. I want there to be some sort of texture in the wireframe but maybe its not possible.

Also what is the best tool for depicting a slope in 3D/Right isometric? I need to draw the back of a built in garden seat with an incline ie the cross section would look like a triangle with a right angle in the bottom right corner. I can't work out how to do it.

Would really appreciate any advice.


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You will only see textured surfaces if the drawing is rendered and the render mode is one which renders textures (eg Open GL & Renderworks).

I forget if textures are included in VW or only when Renderworks is installed. But you can test - Open a new drawing, draw any 3d object, make sure it has a fill color. While the object is selected click the Render tab in the OIP and choose a texture (if any are provided without Renderworks) from the texture pulldown. Now render with OpenGL. If you don't see a texture dropdown in the render tab, or if it has no textures, then VW did not provide any textures.

Select some of your wireframe objects and apply textures, then render w OpenGL.

Is your bench a 3d object? For instance, set drawing to Side view, draw your triangle, extrude it and relocate it as necessary. You may have to switch to top or front views to move/rotate it into correct location/orientation. Now switch to iso view.

Please click the My Stuff tab at top of this forum window and make a signature for your posts - VW version & variety, system type & version, and a bit about your hardware. This helps with troubleshooting.


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