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Benjamin Moore Paint Textures

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Well after creating textures of the Benjamin Moore Paint Sample in VW color manager (a task calculated to make one dingy) I thought I might save others some time if they are interested in texturing with paint color only. This would give more flexible choices for wall colors.

Even thought these might not be the best all around choices, they do offer something to work with.

I wish they could be arranged by hue but...


PS, I assume this is not Copyrighted? Or the Benjamin Moore wouldn't object

to the inducement of sales.....

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Hi Bradley,

Thank you so much for sharing this! It's really excellent. Could you share the process for creating the paint textures? I thought I could take a stab at creating textures for one of the other paint manufacturers.


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Copying Dan Jansenson's fine response to my query on the list:

To create a texture that represents a single, selected color you may

do the following:

1. In the Resource Browser, create a new resource (click the Resources

button and select New Resource In...[file name]>Renderworks Texture).

2. The Edit Texture dialog box opens. Under Shaders, click on the

Color drop-down box, and select: Plain Color. The Edit Plain Color

dialog box opens.

3. Click on the Color drop-down box and select the color you want for

the shader, and then click OK.

4. Back in the Edit Texture dialog box, I'd suggest naming the texture

for the selected color in order to avoid confusion. You can ignore the

other settings, including Size, unless you'd like to add other

qualities to the texture (or to be more precise, you can make the

texture contain a single shader, unless additional shaders or shader

types have features which you would like to add to the texture).

Now you'll have a texture whose principal (or only) attribute is the

color you selected when the texture was created. You can use this

texture as you would any other one.


Once you've created one of these textures, you can save some time by

simply duplicating the texture in the Resource Browser (select the

texture, right-click and select Duplicate) and then editing it (right-

click on the duplicate texture and then choose Edit). In the Edit

Texture dialog box that opens, under Shaders, click on the Color edit

button and select a different color.

Hope this helps.


PS Be careful you don't bite off too much lest you require counseling post facto. In my post-creation stupor I even took MY file (not the one I posted) and prefixed all of the colors with a letter or two which arranged them by hue....sort of. This way similar colors are closer together and their differences are now more readily discernible.

Also for those who might not know. I did all this in a separate new file that I labeled Textures_Benjamin Moore Paints_Interior and then placed it in my Textures folder via:


and since I have set the Textures folder as a favorite, the colors are always available via the Resource Browser.

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