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fills and viewports

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could someone please help me figure out fills? i would like to have the wall styles show up in the section viewport ie. concrete fill in the foundation wall, but not in the plan views. it must be simple, i know. but i've played with class settings and wall style settings with no joy. but i have fluked onto it in the past. how is this done?


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Guest Wes Gardner

Try this...

For your Sections - in the OIP of the Viewport, go to ADVANCED PROPERTIES, then under the DISPLAY tab, check "Show Wall Components"

In plan - in the OIP of the Viewport, go to the appropriate CLASS of you wall components and turn it/them on or off

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ok. when creating a wall style, even something simple like solid concrete, you have to create at lease one component that can be turned off when you select "hide wall components when layer scale <=1:" i set this to 1:48 ( my usual working scale) then when in plan the components don't show, but in the section it does. hurray!. now i will go to work on "floors" ie. concrete floor.

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i'm sorry, but i don't understand what you mean.

Sorry I should have been a little less obtuse. My comment is really a wish list item.

At the moment Classes only have one set of graphic attributes. Some of these attributes don't carry over into 3D and model generated views such as elevations and sections. Also in some instances they are not appropriate for those generated views and hence the problem you are having.

What we really need is the ability to define separate graphic attributes for:

- Top/Plan View.

- Elevation and 3D views

- Section views.

For example with a brick wall you may want to see the diagonal hatching in a Top/Plan View, the fill colour in an elevation or 3D view, and the coursing in a Section view. Currently that is not possible. It would be useful if it was possible.

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