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Comma deliminator data format

John Gr

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H there

i am in the process of creating a script that would access an external data file.

The data file uses a comma deliminator format.

I would like to READ this data into VW script.

As far i can see VW only uses a TAB deliminator.

Any ideas...


John Greaney

Win Vista


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I think you will have to write your own parsing routine.

Use StdRead or StdReadLn to get the data into a variable and then run through it looking for commas.

Sam Jones and John McKernon are probably the leading experts in getting data into and out of VW. Maybe one of them will chime in.

If you need help with the parsing, just ask and I am sure we can come up with a solution.

How much data do you need to bring in? If it is only a few items, then speed does not really matter. If it is thousands of lines, speed will be of more concern.

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Hi John,

I do this a lot. Here is a sample script. You'll have to add a loop and a READLN() to import multiple records.



{ Copyright 2010 Raymond J. Mullin }
  Comma = ',';
  S, T :String;
  param1 : Integer;
  param2 : Real;
  param3 : String;
  param4 : Boolean;

  function GetParam (var S :String; Delim :Char) :String;
  { Return the first substring of S up to the Delim character, }
  { and delete the substring from S. }
     DelimPos : Integer;
     DelimPos := pos(Delim, S);
     if (DelimPos > 0) then
        GetParam := copy(S, 1, DelimPos-1);
        delete(S, 1, DelimPos);
     else GetParam := '';
  End;   { GetParam  }

  function UpperStr (S :String) :String;
  { Return UPPER CASE of String S. }
     UpperStr := S;
  End;   { UpperStr }

  S := concat(7, Comma, 15.2, Comma, 'Texty Stuff', Comma, 'True');	  { test string }
  T := S;   { a copy of S }

  S := concat(S, Comma);   { add a delimeter to the end of S if one is not already there }
  param1 := Str2Num(GetParam(S, Comma));
  param2 := Str2Num(GetParam(S, Comma));
  param3 := GetParam(S, Comma);
  param4 := UpperStr(GetParam(S, Comma)) = 'TRUE';

  message(T, '   --->   ', param1, '    ', param2, '    ', param3, '    ', param4);

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Hi there Guys

Thanks for your replies.

I will try the code you have posted.

I have added the file that contains the data i require.

The data is at the end of the file. the last 2 lines.

The data contains fixing details for a particular truss. GT1.

Thanks Again

John Greaney

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