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Plant issues

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I am going to post this again as it seems my previous post has not worked. Apologies if it has and you are reading this twice.

I am having the following issues:

I have plants on a page in a viewport, when I add a plant worksheet it just comes in blank and does not add up any of the plants on that page. The plants all seem to have their central cross/dot missing even though the option to show show tick size and style is on. I have tried changing the tick size to a larger one in case it is too small to be seen but this does not make any difference.

In addition on some plants the central tick loci seems to have moved to one side which makes it very difficult to place plants using the place plants at poly vertices mode.

Is this all something to do with the fact I am in a viewport, or is it something else?

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Hi Jonathan,

No they are on a sheet layer (in viewport annotations) - is this the problem? The reason I have done it this way is I have to make a number of drawings and have just taken a viewport snapshot of the part of the baseplan I want to show plants on for that sheet. I didn't want to have one main layer outside the viewport with all the plants on it and then viewports going from that as I find the main layer ends up being very slow due to the very large number of plants on it (in this case all the plants for individual gardens of 33 residential units - a lot!). Perhaps there is a different way I could be doing this?

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I would have used a layer for each garden. I know that's a lot of layers, but it would allow you to count the plants in one garden, or all the gardens combined.

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I do large projects like this regularly

use Classes not Layers to seperate your plants and count them

Put all of your plants on one Layer so you can turn them on and off as you need to

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I have a question regarding Worksheets for Landmark.

For some reason the Worksheet doesn't have some of the plant categories showing, but the plant is being counted.

Eg. When I place an Annual or Fern in the drawing it's counted but the name of the plant doesn't show on the worksheet.

When I select a Perennial, evergreen or shrub, for e.g., there's no problem...the name and quantity are visible.

I'm fairly new with this program any help would be appreciated. Maybe if some has a plant list you could forward on.

My email is Ecomike1@gmail.com


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Hi Mike

This is because the plant data attached to the plant has nothing in the category field - or it says something that the worksheet is not setup to query.

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