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Hatch on Extrusion


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If it is a simple extrude, then no. But if it's a Floor or other parametric object then yes. Just select it and set the hatch as desired.

The other way to accomplish this is to create a 2d/3d hybrid symbol. Here's an easy step by step.

For this example let's create a simple wood column:

1) In top/plan view, create a rectangle of 5.5 x 5.5"

2) Extrude it to 8'

3) Still in top/plan, create a second rectangle that is exactly aligned with the first.

4) Apply a hatch or color to the second rectangle

5) Select both objects and run the command "Modify>Create Symbol", accept all the defaults.

6) Observe the result in top plan and then in a 3d view (use the flyover tool...)

Have fun!

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I am using the floor tool a lot for any extrution!you can use any shape and it's very easy to reshape it in 2D and still have always a clean 2D view. I have been working with hybrid symbols but you have to reshape 2D and 3D seperatly which is not very comfortable it only makes sence if it is a combination of a complex 3D Element and a simple 2D view. Floor tool is great they should rename it to "hybrid-Extrude" tool...

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