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text scaling with veiwport scales

Matt P

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I'm sure (really hope) this is something I am overlooking and it's a simple fix.

I have a plan in the design layer that i am using at 1:200, and I've set up sheet layers in that scale and for the most part that is what I've been working in.

Now, for some of it I want to put a 1:100 part on a new sheet layer via a viewport, and I have labelled it on the design layer. Essentially it's just the same thing, blown up; so how can I scale the text so it doesn't come out huge with the picture?

Or do I have to turn off the text and relabel it on the sheet layer?

Am I doing this all the wrong way around? I'm pretty sure I used to do this with vw 12.5 a while ago. Is there no 'scale text' box somewhere?

Please advise me



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