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Help! I can't get VW2009 to render gobo textures

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I've suddenly developed an apparent problem with VW2009 in getting it to render beams with gobos. It seems to have happened since I installed SP 5.

I've been using VW for more than 5 years and understand the conditions required to get Renderworks to draw gobos and have checked that I'm meeting all the conditions required by the software:

Gobos have been applied from the edit button for the fixtures (they're VL3K spots) using a gobo from the Rosco breakup range (although I've tried several others, including the defaults).

The fixtures are on, in white @ 75%. They're pointing at valid focus positions.

There are valid 3D objects in the layer for the gobo to render onto.

The lit fog and cast shadows buttons are checked.

I get no output from the light (no beam and definitely no gobo) using any of my usual Renderworks settings.

I can get the fixtures to render the beams if I remove the gobo, but that's not what I'm after.

Originally I thought I might have done something silly to the drawing, but have since tried re-starting the software and creating a new drawing with only one fixture and this doesn't work either.

Anyone got any ideas what's happening?

VW 2009 SP5

MacBook Pro Intel Core 2 2.33Ghz

2 GB Ram

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It has nothing to do w/ gobos.

Some of the 2009 instrument symbols (especially the VLs) seem to be legacy units.

If you move the instrument a few inches away from the truss or pipe it will instantly work. The problem is that the light is coming from the insertion point (ie the middle of the clamp / middle of the pipe), not the center of the instrument. So the pipe or truss is blocking the light.

There are a couple easy fixes:

1. Give the lighting position a texture that doesn't cast a shadow. The Default Instrument Texture works.

2. Edit the 3D part of the symbol. Add a 3D locus in the middle of the body of the instrument.

Most of the 2009 library works correctly. You happened to find a couple that don't.

These all seem to have been fixed in 2010.



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