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Brace Frames

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I was refering to steel braced frames. Usually Diagonal steel members in a x or chevron configuration, for lateral stability in a steel famed system.

What I am really struggling with is these are easily modeled from and elevation view, but the framing member tool only allows you put members in on active layers top/plan view.

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Actually I was going to make another post, but I think I will put it here. This is more of a wishlist/rant. Vectorworks really needs to unleash the power of their built in components for 3D modeling. There are many areas that I feel could be improved. The height of columns can only be adjusted through the properties. This means I have to measure the length I want and then input it into the dialog. Why not give me the ability to stretch the height of columns dynamically snapping to other 3D elements. For framing elements allow me to dynamically stretch the length in 3D like you can in the top/plan view. Also allow me to snap the end points of beams to different elevations, easily sloping framing members. Vectorworks has this ability for it's generic extrusions and sweeps, why not extend it the architectural elements as well.

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