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Notes Management with Databases

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I'm playing with callouts and trying to get it going. VW Help claims that "After placement, notes can be easily updated if changes are made to a database." Somehow I don't succeed to figure out where's the "easily" part.

How do I update multiple or all callouts which were created with option "Get text from database" turned on with single click (or very few clicks) after database is updated (meaning the original Note Text within database from which callout text came from is changed)?

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I have the same question. There should be a coordinate all notes button.  If I have to find every instance of the callout - then this does not really work.  

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From our experience, it doesn't work like that. Once the callout is placed using the text from the database, it is no longer linked to the database. If you change the callout note on the drawing, you have to then, click the update button so that it updates the database to match the new callout note.  It's a very manual process.  Tom, you shouldn't have to do any 'finding' of callouts,  if you change one callout note/number, then it does change all the other instances of that callout.

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On 12/7/2016 at 1:52 PM, BG said:

 Tom, you shouldn't have to do any 'finding' of callouts,  if you change one callout note/number, then it does change all the other instances of that callout.


Well - if you change a keynote callout note - it gives it a new number - it does not change the other instances of the callout.  If you modify it from the legend maybe it pushes out the keynotes. This is exactly the functionality I want for non-keynote callouts.


The reason I have to "find" the keynote - is that there are mystery old keynotes showing up on my legend that I can not erase.  So either they are ghosts of keynotes past - or they are hiding somewhere in the file.  After some considerable time looking, I am starting to think it is the former.  But I have yet to find a way to erase them out of the file.  So now I have a bunch of corrupted legends, that I have to keep renaming so as to create new uncorrupted legends as the place that I point the correct notes to show up.

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I've been getting more comfortable with Notes manager tool, but there's clearly a lot of improvements that are needed. The thing really frustrating me is this:

I often take a series of notes from the database, modify these notes, and then populate a notes legend on my sheet based on the modified notes. This works well when creating the initial callout for a particular modified note.  However, I don't see a clear way to "reuse" this note via the notes manager. Other than copying and pasting the particular callout, what's the best way to repeatedly use the same callout number/reference as identified in the notes legend? Reusing the callout tool doesn't seem to provide a path to this. Am I missing something, or is this a wishlist issue? In the notes manager dialogue box, I'd expect to see the list of notes currently active on that sheet as a way to identify a new callout. Even if the notes weren't modified, and can therefore be reused from the master database, it would still be very helpful to see an "active notes" list to speed up selection. 



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