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Can't run Vectorworks 2010. Help!!!!!!!!



I can't run the program - it loads then when it's about to open says it encounters a problem and needs to close. I've downloaded and installed 2010 Student edition on my pc(3 times now, including totally uninstalling following regedit instructions)as well as installing Service Pack 2 update( I did not download and install Service Pack 1 - do I need to do that too?). I've also updated Quicktime, monitor driver, microsoft.net updates and all other windows updates. Still getting the same result - can't open the program. What now??? Can anyone help before I throw my computer out the window?? Thanks

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Guest jkelly

Try a couple things.

- Uninstall the Quicktime you have on your computer, and reinstall Quicktime from the DVD. (in the Quicktime folder)

- Make sure your video card drivers are up to date from the manufacturers website. That may be what you meant by "monitor driver" but I'm not sure.

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Hi, i installed a student version 2010 on my windows laptop and i can opened the file only as admnistrator, but the background is black and i cannot see what i'm drawing. I've already reinstalled it several times, plus quick time from vw. I have autocad, and runs very good. I'm desesperate because o my thesis!!! Someone can help me? Tks&Regards, Magna

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After Tinkering around more I think I narrowed it down to a windows update that I never okayed to be installed.

I am using VW 2010 sp2 (and VW 2008)

Win 7 Enterprise

Think pad t440s

and it last worked April 8th 2015

I tried updating everything to find an issue, I completely uninstalled everything and reinstalled a dozen times with no luck.

It came down to me using the compatibility Wiz (XP) to get it to work right. How unfortunate but not the worst thing...

Thanks for the quick reply on an old thread.

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