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Palette Position



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Yoginatha, there is, you just need to save your "Workspace" once you have it set up to requirements. Unfortunately it's now so longs since I had to do this I can't remember the proceedure, but check help or look at the commands related to Workspace up in the Menus.

Once set they'll always appear were you left them.

Hope this goes some way towards helping solve things.

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Hi AndiACD, thank you for the reply.

Below is my post on the "General Discussion." I was asked to post it on the wish list.

"I am wondering if anyone know how do I retrieve the saved palettes' position?

I had all the palettes arranged they way I wanted on my large display. Then I saved it (menus>windows>save palette position). Each time I disconnect from my large display and work on the my MacBook the palettes rearrange themselves on the smaller screen?nice. However, when I reconnect to my large display all the palettes position and the window size remains as they were on the MacBook 15" screen.

I don't see any option to retrieve the one I had previously saved when I worked with the larger display.

Searched the VW help and this forum..."

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Hey H.

never having used a laptop for long term with VW I can't speak from experience, but, ithink your best bet I to save two Workspaces for each specific task. One saved for the laptop and one for the full screen that you can select when the need arises.

Let me know if this works out, if not, there are a few mods on the forum that will be able to point you in the right direction, i think Mike Oz is pretty good with WS things maybe he could help.

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