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There is no function to get the length of an extrude directly.

You can use (for simple extrudes) a formula of:


Set up the database criteria to be

Type is Extrude

You may also want to add additional criteria to specify only extrudes in a certain Layer or Class.

Put the formula above in the database header row for one of the cells and you will have your length. You can then add other formulas and format as necessary.

I am assuming that you know how to change a row to be a database and edit the criteria. If not, ask again.

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Thanks for the reply, that worked great. I was able to get the lenghts of my extudes. Now I am questioning whether or not a going about my task in the most effiecent way being a new Vectorworks user. I Need to model and schedule some light gage hat channels and J profiles. Since I couldn't find anything like that standard vectorworks tools I was going to just use standard extrudes to model them and then schedule there lenghts through the worksheet. If you have any suggestions on a better way to model these elements I am all ears. Thanks

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