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Markus Barrera-Kolb

A script for toggling "Display Screen Objects" ?

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Does anyone know what the pref number for "Display Screen Objects" might be? I'd like to write a script to toggle it, so that I can quickly draw 2D objects while in a 3D view in order to generate new 3D objects, but then turn off 2D display again with a keystroke. Thanks!



p.s. is there a place in the new documentation where the pref codes are listed?

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I think Markus is talking about the display pref for unified view - not the object setting.

It's a good question and I don't have the answer. I'm not on a computer with VW installed, but I can do some digging later to try to find it.

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I read it as the pref to set newly created object to Layer Plane or Screen Plane.

Unified View is is 94 (actually Stack Layers as it is still called in the VS Appendix).

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I just reread my post and wasn't clear. I meant the view option to show planar objects (while in unified view). Not for unified view itself. In any case, I'm now not sure which Markus is needing. I've been planning to make a toggle script for the view option I just mentioned...

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While we are all thinking, I think he wants Pref 95 (with a side of 102), but I say this having had the luxury of reading your thoughts.

This script will toggle it:

???SetPref(95, not GetPref(95));


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Yes! That's the one (with the side order) I was referring to.

Thanks Raymond. I knew if I put off searching for it, you'd do it for us. ;-)

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i'm trying to get STACK LAYERS

to work in a VW12.5 script as

the "save view" doesn't seem to

record or recover this setting

neither pref 94 nor 95 work in VW12.5

"STACK LAYERS" doesn't work as a


and there is no refence to it at all

in the 12.5 help or VS appendix

does anyone have any ideas?


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