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dimensions moving walls

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Trying to adjust a drawing and pulling a few dimensions out here and there to make the final construction drawing more readable, finished and then I notice that moving the dimensions has moved the walls - the dimensions are tied to the walls. I had to redraw and set out the walls and dims all over again - lost out on a days work!

Got worried, could not sleep and next day looked at my other drawings and projects and noticed that the same thing had happenend therebut I had not seen it. In fact, a couple of projects are on site, and on one project I had a recent arguement with the builder who had built windows out of line with the windows below - actually I now realise he had built it correctly to the drawing and the drawing is wrong!

Vectorworks has become risky.

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Michael I can only reproduce what happened to you if I drag the dimesion by a witness line, this doesn't happen if I drag the dimension by the dimension line...........unlucky for you in this case, however I personally like the usability of this.......

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I had the same unexpected experience with that new feature the first time I used dimensions in VW2010. For my rather simple projects I don't really need the associated dimensions. So I turn-off Auto Associate in File/Document Settings/Document Preferences/Dimensions. You might try the non-automatic association, though.

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This has been offered as a feature in VW2010 after being requested for a long time. Associative Dimensions now offer two-way editing. That means that if you edit the object the dimensions will update, or if you edit the dimension the object will update.

Very useful, but also very dangerous if you are not aware or not drawing accurately.

Double click on an associated dimension and you can then enter text directly into the dimension string and change both the object and the dimension.

Grab the handle of the a-dim and you can change the dimension and even rotate/twist the object.

If you need to edit the display of the dimension you can uncheck the Display Dimension in the OIP and enter the desired value in the Leader or Trailer string.

Or you can make the dimension non-associative by selecting the dimension and going to Modify:EditConstraints and clicking the Delete All button.

Note that associative dimension in Viewport Annotations can also drive/change the geometry.

I think I have even seen cases where I was unable to change design layer geometry due to associated dimensions in viewports.

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