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Linked Text Wrapping

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We have custom sheet borders that have linked text fields to a record. I was trying to get a sheet border to display the sheet name but only on a couple of text lines. I went into the symbol of the sheet border and selected wrap text in the OIP but the text still does not wrap outside of the symbol.

The work around I have is creating two separate text fields in the record. The issue is that when I create my drawing index in a separate worksheet, I have to worry about bringing these two text fields in and making it look nice with text alignment.

Attached is a simplified version of what I am working with. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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Why hasn't this multi-line linked text been resolved yet????

This has been a problem now for over two years that I know of and has been reported as a problem back in 2008 with VW2009. "Re: Fundamental, Multi-line field in custom Title Block"

The manuals say that this can be done yet it doesn't work and Vectorworks to my knowledge has done nothing to resolve it. This is a huge for allowing good automation for a lot of people as evidenced by the look of the additional posts since 2008 .

What has be done to get this resolved?????

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So, why can't this work???

I made some serious progress in getting a Title Block to look like I want and would like all the features that VW2012 has to work.

So does this mean my sheet index and sheet layer will say "REFLECTED" instead of "REFLECTED CEILING PLAN" because it can't figure out how to wrap text and realize the text block perimeters?????

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