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Viewport Scale is Wrong!!!!




We are trying to print with viewports.

We create a viewport and a new sheet layer from the Design Layer and scale it.

The Design Layer is in scale but the viewport is only in scale if you choose 1:?? type scales. If we try and select fraction scales, ie, 3/16" = 1', etc the scale shows things in inches both on screen and when we print the scale is correct.

It seems like I am missing a simple setting somewhere.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance.


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I noticed that when units are set to "fractional" the printed output is always a little larger in scale then the dimensions show, however, when units are set to "exact as fractions/non-exact as decimals" the printed output matches the dimensions (when checked with an architects scale). In both cases the dimensions on screen match the drawing and are identical.

I do not understand why this happens, can anyone explain this behavior to me?

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Yes I have - simple plan drawn at 1/8" scale, prints on small hp printer, checked both prints with architects scale - one dimensions dead on (fractions/decimals) the other dimensions and drawing about 4 inches off when check by architects scale. Damned if I know why there is a difference in the printed output. How do I do a bug submit?

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