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9.5 Beta?

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OK, I've been using the second 9.5 beta (9.5.0b5) for a few days in OS 10.1

Simply put, its much faster and reliable than VW 9.0.1 in OS 9.2.1

Most of the performance concerns mentioned on this board seem to have gone away. Redraws are quick and most functions are working well. I have had some crashes and some performance issues that I've been submitting to bug submit but overall I'm very impressed with 9.5.0b5

Very nice work NNA

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9.5 Will have a number of performance tweaks in it to make it faster in certain areas. Not all of these have yet been implemented in the current build however, and some, which are currently there, may not make it into the final if they cause other problems.

I would only suggest using the beta if you are currently experiencing a bug in 9.0.1 for which we have no workaround. If you are doing work for a client, or are on a deadline I would recommend you stay away from the beta until it is declared final.

Matthew Giampapa

Technical Support


Originally posted by sicily80:

So does anyone suggest installing 9.5 Beta? Is it any faster?

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