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VectorScript is used in several ways in VectorWorks, but the simplest is to just create a script and place it on a command palette. To do this, open the Resource palette and click the 'New...' button. Select VectorScript in the dialog that appears. You'll be prompted to supply a name for the a command palette, and again to supply a name for the script. After that, the VectorScript editor appears. Type in the following script:


Message('Hello, world!');

There. You've just written your first script. Close the script editor and look for the command palette you created. To run your script, double click it in the palette. You should see a message palette appear with the phrase "Hello, world!" inside.

That's a pretty simple script that probably is limited in the context of designing buildings. But it's a start, and from here on all you need to do is to expand your knowledge of VectorScript syntax and built-in functions. Use the language guide and the reference on our web site for that. I realize that last bit might read like "...and then a miracle occurs..." (nod to Gary Larson), but the whole idea is that you start with the easy stuff and advance from there. If you're completely unfamiliar with programming and scripting concepts, it may help to find a book on the Pascal programming language, as VectorScript is very similar to Pascal.

Note that there's a whole forum here on the tech support message board devoted to VectorScript, and NNA also hosts a mailing list devoted to VectorScript.

Hope that's what you were looking for.

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I am doing a lot of VectorScript programming. So if you have a problem, or you are stuck with something, feel free to ask. I will try to help you.

If you have a question, use my email address :


in that way I receive your question faster.

I wish you a nice day and much programming pleasure in VectorScript.

Friendly greetings,


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