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Vectorworks 8.5 convert to Vectorworks 11.0.1

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I was wondering if a kind person maybe able to help me. My ageing uncle is a retired architect, and has many of his old drawings saved in VW8.5 however has a copy of VW 11.0.1 on his new mac. I myself am not an architect and have never used either programmes before. All he wishes to do is to be able to view all his old drawings and reminisce, which in one way fills me with dread having to spend hours sitting looking at them, however i have no idea how to open them as if i attempt to do so the old files will not open. From what i can ascertain from reading many different sites i need to convert them in some way but have no idea where to start and how to achieve this. I hope someone can help.

Thank you in advance.

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Vectorworks 11 should be able to open version 8 files, they are translated on opening. You may want to download and install the latest updates for version 11, 11.5.1.

What is the operating system on the new Mac? Vectorworks 11 is not supported on any version of Leopard or Snow Leopard (although it might work...)

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I jumped to VW2010 from 8.5 and although I do not intend to convert all of my old job files to the new version, I did have to convert some which were in progress when I bought the new version. Here is what I do:

Right click on the 8.5 file's icon, you should see "open with" appear in the pop-up contextual menu.

Select VW11 or type it in for program selection.

It should launch VW11 with a note saying the file will be converted to the newer version and then open the file.

I would try this on a copy of the VW 8.5 file first.



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