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Stair Tool /Costom Stair Tool


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Okay it is a bit over a year since I commented on our beloved stair tool... we are now in the year of VW2010. Please someone tell me if it is worth my money to buy the upgrade??? My key questions are:

1) Is 2010 stable?

2) Does the stair tool actually work now?


(Re: my last post: I have been using VW for a number of years and I am surprised that the stair tool is so far behind the competitors. I can say this because I use Revit and Archicad and find VW lacking. I love the program but it needs to step into the 21 century. PLEASE!!!!!

Currently I create my own Hybrid symbols for 2d and 3d. I then create a VertCirc Layer to host it and turn on and off classes to produce the required views.

A few of the issues....

1) What ever happened to concrete stairs? I know that these still exist in the real world. What was the logical reason for taking the option out?)

2) The Handrail/Guardrail options suck! As far as I see it it is made only for the US market. Metal rails actually have bottom and top rails that are not installed in the manner portrayed in the tool.

3) CODE issues. We know they exist why aren't they included as a part of the tool's setting dialog box? I assume that we are all not just designing to get our creations kicked back because of noncompliance.

I think it is possible to make a fully functional tool that just requires the user to input a set of known variables and then make slight adjustments to get what is "required" to meet code.

Just my 2 cents.


I have been looking through the posts and it doesn't look that promising.

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