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A note about this forum.



Just confirms a hunch to me about this forum.

I l?ke alot of the people who try to help here, but I feel

its a little dominated by the techno ego.

I have been using this pgm. since version 8.

Why do I say ,well a suggestion often thats simple and helpful gets ignored by the majority yet something like Vectorworks for Ipod gets a zillion comments.

Which I struggle to see in real (not virtual)reality works.

Strange, if you are really using this pgm to make money and not spent it.

I design and draw, I dont spent my life thinking of the next thing in feel good products to use onsite.

I want vectorworks to speed up that process not spend its resources entertaining the techos.

IMHO think seriously how this pgm. can be sped up simply. Not all bells and whistles fancy.

Just an expression my frustration at times


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Well I have to agree as well.

I have been with VW since Minicad 4 days and have experience with most of the major cad software packages out there. (ACAD, Archicad, Allplan, Revit to name a few) They all have strong points and fall short in other areas.

The main problem i have with my favorite (yes Vectorworks) ;-) is the addition of bells and whistles while some of the core "should be bread and butter" tools remain useless.

Case in point the stair tool. I have seen and used the "new and improved" Custom stair tool. Ooooookay.... it does remind me of the Archicad work horse.... but it performs like it's stepsister. According the posts with its issues and my own tests show the stair tool needs to be scraped and built from scratch. Does NA actually use designers to provide insight on what needs be shown (2D) and rendered (3D)? Why oh why is it sooooo hard to get that tool to work as it should?

Any designer worth their salt or the sweat off their body after a 6 mile run should know that any building should have a foundation capable of holding its weight. Just the same so should VW. For some strange reason I recall answering a poll in relation to the stair tool and 2 versions later (while the tool "looks" better) it is basically the same... not working as it should.

As far as the techno bit... I have found some individuals on here have something to be afraid of as far as being wrong is concerned.... yes.... even if logically proved wrong.

I too am trying to imagine allocating the bandages that are currently holding VW together towards supporting the iPad. Not a good idea at all. But hey what do I know. Still makes sense to build VW on quality first then filter it out.

?Quality is free ? It is not a gift, but it is free. What costs money are the unquality things ? all the

actions that involve not doing things right the first time. Quality is not only free, it is an honest?to

everything?profit maker."--Phil Crosby

Think about all of the workarounds one has to meet throughout the life of one design project (from file to construction) and tell me if this quote doesn't hit home. (okay so VW isn't free.... hmmmmm.... there's a thought...could that be why the cost is going up?) LOL :o)


****Clicking my heals while saying "There's no cad like VW. There's no cad like VW. There's no cad like VW"******

8 hours to fix the problem and come up with a workaround- $1200 + 100 additional gray hairs

2 hours find and diagnose the problem - 300 + 30 additional gray hairs

1 min if a tool works correctly - priceless

My 2 cents.

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