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Why does Vworks 2010 not show page breaks



I have prob. that has only happened with new version.

If you have multiple pages on a sheet layer it now doesnt show the border of the page in between.

It only shows a perimeter.

Doesnt show the individual page cells.

So how do you place logos and where do you line it up?

Real pain when a new versions doesnt seem to allow something to no longer work.

Any ideas people or is this broken?

Does anyone else have this pain.


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Hi Pat

Thanks for the reply.

Thing is I have opened an older 2009 file.which was fine

Only difference is 64 bit windows 7.

I have tried all options.

Sometimes I regret getting the new versions until 6 months until these sort of things are sorted.

Well thats sort of is how I am feeling


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Thanks for the reply guys.

Be assured I have tried everything.and no difference prior to expressing myself here.

But I appreciate the interest and suggestions.

Hey guess what thou. I opened the exact file on my xp sp2 windows 32 bit laptop and whamo.

Shows the individual page cells.

Exact file.

Wonder if is 64 bit problem, windows 7 problem or graphics card problem??????

Regards B

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Brendan the options for Show Page Boundary and Show Page Breaks are program wide so if you have set them that way for one file that is the way all files will show when opened up in that instance of Vectorworks. The reason that you can see the page breaks on your laptop will be because you don't have them set to not show for that instance of Vectorworks.

If you do have them set to show on your desktop machine and they still don't show then reset Vectorworks Preferences via the Reset button in the bottom LH corner of the Vectorworks Preferences dialog box.

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Thanks for all the interest everyone.

I had tried all these. You know how it is you go through huge mental gymnastics to find out what is not working when it has for years.

Even if i changed my interactive view settings to pink this does not change.

Cheers for all the help to date.


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Heres the thing.

I left it alone after a couple of days. You know how it is.

Mike contacted me by email and prompted me to revisit it.

I had tried every button check box and slider I though could have that was possibly related.

Adjusted the "page boundary opacity" of the Interactive View Settings.... no joy.

So I switched to black background bang there they were.

Switch back to white bang there it was.

Funny way of refreshing the screen but hey finally there.

Go figure. still OS thing I believe.

No colour pickup for page boundary tho. Still dont really care.

Its fixed , I dont know why but it is for now.

Thanks for all you interest and help.

Cheers Brendan

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