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Floor Tool Improvements



Love the way NNA has improved texture mapping to this tool. and we can map to different faces.

2 improvements I think are obvious with its use are.

1/ The ability see dynamic feedback on OIP of square area.

It is floor all said and done.

2/ Be able to use the 2d reshape tool to edit its parent shape like the roof tool does. Without having to go inside the object.

When us designers are shifting walls we need to be able snap to the floor edge so as to see where we are putting our floor to. The roof tool is brilliant for this.

Surely the floor would be easy to do this to as it seems clearly less complicated.


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I would like to add to this, for both the floor and the roof tool is an upgraded to how they are rendered / modelled. If you look at the column tool, it renders the curve more like a curved NURBS surface. The roof face and floor tools do not do this.

If you look at the way floor & tools are rendered, especially in hidden line, they look ugly. I am trying to encourage colleagues to use the hybrid 2D/3D objects, but if the VW objects compromise the presentation of their designs, it creates a large problem for adoption.

Also I have to use viewport annotation masks for 3D elevations where I have a curved slab or roof face.

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