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Joining piping runs and polylines


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I often need to draw polylines and then join them together. I have not been able to use the join function or the connect tool.

I have used the polyline tool but I suppose I could use the piping run tool as well.

What is the best way to do this?

These polylines represent piping runs. It is essential that I know the total distance of the run (perimeter). That goes for the individual segments before I join them as well as the total after they have been joined.

Also. When I draw a polyline, why is it that I sometimes get an AREA in the object info box and not a perimeter?

Thank You

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Please click the My Stuff box at top of your VW Forum window and create a signature for your posts showing VW version and computer OS, plus anything else you want to add.

Are the tools and commands working?

If your polys have coincident endpoints, select them and click Modify>Compose. This combines all lines and polys in the selection into one polyline or polygon. If the endpoints are not coincident, they do not combine.


The Connect/Combine Tool has 3 modes in the mode bar. I think it defaults to Single Object Connect (left box) to trim or extend straight lines and some polys to other lines and objects. The Dual Object Connect Mode (middle one) will extend two unconnected polys to meet and "join" them into one object. A dialog box offers several options when the tool executes.

The Dual Object Combine mode (right box) will combine two polys with coincident end points, or will extend/trim two polys and combine them.

Try these with a few test polys to see how the options work. No need to select the objects. The cursor changes to a white pointer and the poly highlights when you are on target.

Or use your pipe run tool.

OIP should always show a perimeter for a polyline or polygon. OIP will always show an area for a polygon. Area is shown for a polyline only if it has a fill. Maybe you have a corrupt file if no perimeter is shown. Try a new fresh file to test.


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