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Window Elevation Tool

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Years ago when using VWA1 I downloaded a tool to just draw simple 2D window elevation views, with parametric settings to change type, sizes, etc. This tool saved lots of time when doing only 2D drafting. Now using 2010 I wish I had such a tool for the same reasons as before but can't seem to find it anywhere. Does anyone know if such a tool updated for 2010 exists?

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You can use the Door and Window parametric objects to get line versions of the doors and windows for your 2D elevations and sections.

Use the Door and Window tools to create the doors and windows as you want them. Switch to an elevation view so that you are looking square on to the doors and windows. Select them and use the Convert Copy to Lines command to create the 2D linework elevations of the doors and windows.

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That version, for some reason, works just like the window tool in 2010; you have to change views then convert copy to lines to get the elevation to "stay".

I though with earlier versions of VW it did indeed draw 2D parametric window elevations only but I did download it and alas, just like the current window tool in VWA2010.


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Hi Fred

Julian Carr at OzCAD makes a tool called WinDoor. In most cases it is superior to the window and door tool that ships with VW. It can create window and door elevations from the object automatically. These are created as a group of lines and can be exploded if you want to edit them further. Drop him a line, Julian Carr, support@ozcad.com.au or check out his website, http://www.ozcad.com.au/



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