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Glossy vs Matte

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For straight CAD work, the matte is probably better. If you do any renderings or other color work, the glossy screen will give you better colors and blacker blacks.

I have a glossy screen MacBook and it's never been an issue. I also have a glossy screen on my 27" iMac and I have occasional issues with glare but am always able to solve the problem by closing a window shade or two.

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I am really happy with the colors on my MBP's glossy screen. Surface reflections can be avoided by tilting the screen up.

My old Powerbook has a matte screen, and I always have to turn up the contrast and brightness on it - plus the colors look faded.

I recall struggling with the decision awhile, and I ultimately chose the glossy screen's constantly vivid colors and blacks, which overweighs the occasional surface reflection.

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