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Resizing Plant Symbols

Damon Design

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Hey thanks for the replies Eric and Peter, I thought I was being shunned for some reason haha

It is an Xfrog plant, a cypress tree. I find most of the Xfrog Trees, though beautiful and probably properly scaled, to be way too large for presentation documents with my mostly residential scaled projects. I was trying to get maybe a 8' to 12' instead of 30' high tree and when rescaling it seems to just rescale the plane that the image is projected upon, thereby giving you a partial image of the original sized tree on the smaller X planes. Do you have to rescale both the symbol and the image prop?- I am somehow not getting this. I thought I had somehow stumbled upon the solution before but since this post (and the related one in General Forum) is being frequently viewed but not responded to maybe this is not possible, or I am just not being clear.

Trying to entourage this schematic design up just a bit more for presentation and Historic Review


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Hi Tad, it is easy. First insert an XFrog tree into your drawing, then double click it. In the Edit Symbol dialog choose "3d Component" and hit OK (or return key). A new window will open. Just adjust the Height and Width numbers to scale the tree as desired, then exit. NOTE: this will change every instance of the symbol in the active file. To make more than one size you can duplicate the symbol and then edit the duplicate, etc..

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