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2D Arc - Divide along path of Arc


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Hi guys,

Wondering if there is some bright spark that can help me out.

As you can see from the attached image this is currently a very simple 2D demi-lune shaped piece of furniture. I need to split the face on elevation into a series of panels 136mm wide, no problem on the flat face, is there some way of accurately working this out for the arcs either end from the plan?

Really appreciate any help on this.


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Recall that Arc length is determined by multiplying the Radians of the angle x the radius of the arc.

A 90? arc = 1.57079... rad

times a R=100 , Arc Length = 157.079..

If you require Arc Lengths = 136 mm

then say that you use 4 segments @ 22.5?

22.5? = (22.5 x 0.17453.. ) = 0.392699 rad

136 / 0.392699 = 346.32123 = Radius

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Are the panels going around the curved ends flat or curved?

It they're flat, simply draw a circle with a 136 mm radius centered on one end of the panel. Where that circle and the arc intersect will give you the other end of a 136 mm flat panel (the "chord" of the arc).

If they're curved, simply select one of the arcs and type 136 (mm) into "Arc Len:" in the Object Info palette. Most likely you'll need to rotate the resulting arc to the correct position. The Object Info palette will give you the "sweep" angle, which you can use with the Duplicate Array tool to replicate your 136 mm panels around the arcs.

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Or Dupe Along a Path where object for duplication is the end profile of a slat (or the extruded slat from end view), and the arc is the path. Choose Tangent option. Center of slat will be placed on path. For center of face of slat on path, use the Offset tool to make a new arc offset by 1/2 of slat width. Use this new arc for the path. Delete it when finished.


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Wow, all these years, and I completely missed the Edit > Duplicate Along Path tool. I think the reason I missed it is because there's also a "Duplicate Along Path" tool in the "Basic" palette that, I just realized, seems to be significantly different in how it functions. I'd always assumed the two tools, having the same name, were the same tool.... silly me. Thanks B Shaw!

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