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Easy way to mark favourite plants in plant list and then name and save

Viper x

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I want to scroll through the full plant list and pick out ones I like/use a lot then save this as a named list which I can then access in VW

I can see you can mark individual plants as a favourite and you can then sort for favourites then how does one name this sorted set and save it please.


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This is fairly straightforward:

1. From VW select Landmark/VW Plant Database

2. In the Plant DB make sure that you select the Plant Data Layout

3. For each plant you want Mark as Favorite (middle top box)

4. Select Search (the little magnifying glass)

5. Check the Mark as Favorite box and click Find

6. Select File/Create Vectorworks Plant List

7. Name the file 1-Favorites (the 1 will force it to the top of the selection list in VW plant definitions and it will always open these first)

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