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Is anybody home at Nemeschek?

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I know you guys had a power outage last week.. I was on hold for 20 minutes and got hung up on waiting for someone to help me simply get a quote for an upgrade. So I call back several times and finally talked to someone. I'm told I'd have pricing within a 1/2 hour, never happened, no call nothing. Call again and leave a message for Pablo. He leaves me a message about needing more info. Left him a message with what I'd like to upgrade. No call back, not quote again. is it that hard? Today I call and NNA is closed.. The 800 number has a the Thanks giving message on it from last fall... Hello?

In all my years of using Vectorworks.. I can't understand why it's so difficult to get something as simple as a quote? You have to be losing business.. this isn't that hard... I can't but help feel it's time to change software packages.

I'm sorry.. I'm not one to rant... but this is ridiculous...

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my understanding is where NNA is located they were snowed in / out / power cuts / servers went down etc etc

I think they have been through a very tough time and even at a point could not get to work

I would try to be patient and keep trying

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You called at a truly extraordinary time. The office was closed two days last week for snow/inaccessabilty, PLUS we has a major power outage for an additional day. Today is a holiday. I promise we'll be up and running tomorrow (Tuesday)!

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