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Background movement improvements



I often import my own image backgrounds.with no repeat.

Why the hell cant you move them where you want to easily, relative to your perspective.

Use to be able to awkwardly.

Just have a tool that like the page move tool where you can shift the background to where you want it .

Or maybe the attributes mapping tool, but that would be awkward.

Before 2010 you used to able to fake it by controlling its x and Y location.

Beats me why you upgrade for less function because of change.


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Thanks for the prompting.

I have looked at this often.

I think its a brilliant tool and well done for creating it.

You will see me on the other side of my credit card soon I guess.

Its good to have you and users also like Julian Carr who create some really practical tools.

Real users with real solutions.

I see it looks like Vectorworks have bought his select similar tool and Renderworks camera tool off over time.

They should buy yours and provide it in the suite.

I hope you dont mind me saying so.

I like your doodle sketch work as well.

My feeling over the years is that some of the new tools seem clunky.

I am left guessing if that things should be really streamed lined not for additional features and buttons but for speed of use.

Easy manipulation and control.

IMHO less wow stuff more hard core speed stuff.

Vectorworks gets more complicated and systems hungry as it grows.

These bells and whistles dont neccesarily speed me up and get images to print .

Thats where I get payed

who cares if you have HDRI capabilities but you cant move the image where you want it. see what I am saying.

I have digressed

Cheers Brendan

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee


Thank you for your compliments! :-)

I certainly understand your points about the growing complexity of VW over the years. A big challenge for NNA is how to add new features and improve existing features, while maintaining old features and compatibility. There's a delicate balance of adding new without removing too much of the old functionality (and upsetting the existing user base). This is not to say that there's no room for improvement. But, much of the complexity comes from the great flexibility VW has. I feel that I wouldn't mind if NNA became more aggressive in eliminating more outdated features and replacing them with more streamlined solutions, but I'm also afraid that one of those omitted legacy features would be one that I don't want to be without.

As for the RW backgrounds, I see what you mean. I suppose the idea is to move the view of the model, not the background. In any case, if accurately aligning a model to a background photo's perspective is the task, CameraMatch is the way to go (in my slightly biased opinion).

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