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Zooming Challenges

Mark Taylor

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I would like to discover if there is a way to accomplish the following zooming functions:

1. When zooming with the mouse wheel in TurboCAD, the cursor and the area centered below the cursor immediately jump to the center of the drawing. A very useful way to zoom. Vectorworks zooms directly below the cursor without centering the cursor in the drawing area and therefore the object then has to be positioned separately.

2. In TurboCAD there is a "zoom factor" setting which sets the amount of image size change when zooming.



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I have Windows as well, and have a Logitech mouse with an extra button located just where your thumb would rest. First, I tried a few key combinations + wheel zooming (ctrl+wheel, alt+wheel, etc.) with no zooming results.

However, the thumb button seems to have been set at a default for zooming. Because when I placed the cursor over the area I wanted to view more closely, then simply clicked the thumb button (no wheel) the view zoomed up some pre-set amount on that area. I'll try going back into the preference settings to see if I can adjust that zoom ratio for each click of the thumb button.

I bet that even if you don't have a third button on your mouse, you'd be able to define the function of any of the mouse buttons to zoom. And actually, while you wouldn't probably want to override the functions of either your left or right mouse button for zooming, you likely have a wheel that can also be depressed, essentially making it another clickable button. For instance, my wheel button activates the pan function when I depress it. Pretty cool.

Thanks for asking about this, I'm very new to Vectorworks, and had been wondering if there wasn't a better way to get around in the drawing.

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Try the Snap Loupe. Hit the z key and you zoom to the cursor. Repeat for closer zoom. Next click or esc key zooms you back out to orig view.

Checkmark VW pref>Display>Center on objects after view change (top, front, etc - not zoom).

The View Bar Zoom button has a numeric indicator, and a pulldown to pick a numeric zoom factor.

Sorry, these do not cause centering after zooming.


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