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For those using Artlantis....


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What is the best way you've found to export to Artlantis 3?

I have been playing with the demo for about a week now, and have been able to make some pretty nice images - quickly!

The only area that gives me pause is the conversion between the two. Artlantis doesn't seem to recognize classes within plug-in objects (like walls).

So for those who use it, can you describe your methods (i.e. by texture, by colour, or by class).

Many thanks.

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ArtLantis is OK for really fast renderings. You'll like that.

It's not OK that you cannot really organize your resources, not in the efficient way that RW would allow you. Nor does it reach the quality of a good RW rendering, but to set up a fast scene is a breeze.

I use "by class" as setting and check the option "components in plug-in objects retain their own classes".

Please mind following issues:

* doesn't work well with DLVPs --> use the old technic of one layer, multiple layer links building up a model. I work by references only and a model is usually large and spread about more files.

* doesn't work well with roofs --> no idea how to fix this: roofs shoot all over the place, each time a different place.

* roofs with skylights are unmanageable, the skylights will be always wrongly placed.

* the view must be a 3D view to output correctly, no top-plan.

* it determines the view origin (and the placement of the model) according to the current view in VW. If you update the Artlantis file from another VW view, the model will shift in Artlantis. So you should create a 3D view (iso right, for example), save this as "saved view" and reset this view every time you need to update your Artlantis file.

* walls with edited sides don't translate reliably (holes).


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Thanks for the replies. I have found by "texture" to be the most effective so far. I just purchased the software, mainly because of speed and ease of use. I have never seen a VW rendering that is nearly as good as one produced from this software. It might be possible, but you'd need an extraordinary amount IMO.

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