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Extrude along path problem

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I'm trying to extrude a thin rectangle along a helical path. It appears that as the extrusion hits the 0 and 180 degree points on the helix, the rectangle twists around (see image below). This is with the "lock profile plane" option checked. If I leave it unchecked, then the profile rotates continuously through the extrusion. The helical path was created using the helix creation tool. Any idea how to fix this problem?


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Thats a cool object. even tough you didn't want it :-)

I tried with VW2010 an 2009 and can't reproduce that effect. :-(

See the Image attached.

I drew a line, made a Helix of it with 10 Turns, and did an Extrude Alongpath with a small rectangle and Plane locked.

Do you like to post your File?

horst m

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Thanks for replying.

The only difference between what we did is that when I created the helix, I used a starting angle of 90 degrees.

I have now found that I don't get the twist at 0 and 180 degrees if the helix starting angle is 0 degrees. However, that creates another problem. When the starting angle of the helix is 0 degrees, I can't get the surface of the extrusion to be parallel to the axis of the helix. I think you will find in your own example that if you rotate it into a different view, you will see that the surface has a slight angle to it, as can be seen in the following image:


I've attached my original files, saved before the extrusion and again after the extrusion.

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