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Windows 7 - VW2008 stopped saving files!


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Have just ditched Vista for Windoz 7!! and VW2008 has stoped saving files.

I am running it in compatability mode for XP with SP3.

The starnge thing is when I save a file sometimes it does actually save the file but I get the following error about a corrupt file. VW_2008_error.jpg

sometime the file is there sometimes it's not, however if I export to VW12 or anyother format there is no issue and I can open the files again as normal, but they still will not save.

Has anybody else come across this?

Thanks in advance

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I have just started getting this problem in the last few days as well. All of a sudden it will not save files on VW2008.

I have uninstalled and removed all traces of vectorworks and reinstalled. However i am still getting the issue with and without service packs installed.

Any thoughts? Solutions? I am running Vista.

Cheers Andrew

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Just thought i would bump this thread, in the hope of any suggestions to get my VW saving again, rather than exporting to V12 to stop the corrupt files?

It seemed to happen after a Windows update, not sure if this caused it, or just happened to align.

Any help would be great


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