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It needs a hinged (180?) and detachable cover, with a Bluetooth touch keyboard on the inside. Then the glass would be protected while travelling, you could use it as a laptop, or you could have the keyboard completely separated.

There is a keyboard/dock accessory coming - it will be interesting to see what form it takes.

At the moment, you have to ask who really really needs an iPad, but I think once apps and accessory developers get on to it, it's usefulness and appeal will take off.

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D Wood: look here: http://www.apple.com/ipad/design/ and see attached... My take on this is very complicated, but suffice it to say that although I am a lover of all things Apple I am only semi-convinced that I would actually use the iPad for anything. I think, as others have said, that once we see what the thing can do, and once there are lots of cool new apps made for it, I will feel compelled to buy one. One reviewer wrote that he was for sure NOT going to buy an iPhone, but after playing with one for 5 minutes he decided it was a must have... So whoever gets one first in my neck of the woods, can we make a play date?? Haha. OK, now back to VW's issues and answers.

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Great link, Peter, thanks. Should have done homework before opening mouth.

The case looks promising, answers most of my concerns, but I agree about it not being a must-have at this stage.

I think a laptop will still be better for taking to meetings and site.

I wonder if someone will develop an app to allow sketching on the screen (using a nail(!!), pencil, pen, etc) Oh, don't tell me, someone already has? If they haven't, remember you read it here first ...............

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Here is another really interesting take on the iPad. http://news.cnet.com/8301-31021_3-10443890-260.html?tag=newsEditorsPicksArea.0 . In short it surmises that the intended consumers for it are much less computer savvy than most of us on this board. If that is true (and I tend to think it is) then this may be yet another stepping stone for Apple (ie: may create many new computer buyers/switchers in the future).

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I am finding more and more with multi-core processor the divide between laptops and desktops is expanding, kind of like the divide between G4 & G5 chips, and all I need is something that is a diary, journal, presentation and sketch device, and that is more usable than an iphone. At home and at work I have iMacs that are, for documentation and rendering are so much faster than Macbook Pros.

I think the iPad will be wonderful. I have been holding off getting an iPhone, due to the larger telco contracts that I just don't use, as well as the limited ability to view attachments. This device, and with a sketch app, and a slimmed down version of photoshop this would be perfect.

Basically this could get rid of any need for a laptop, a diary (which on my Nokia e66 is kind of clunky but fine at a pinch) and my Moleskine. As Steve says in his keynote, with the right sketch app, it would do everything I currently need to do, better than what I have at the moment.

I hope Nemetschek or Maxon (Cinema 4D which I am currently learning to use proficiently) will do something, but if not then I am sure I will have to learn something like Sketchup, because I am sure Google will do something.

Bring it on!!

PS Now I have just looked at Autodesk Sketchbook and it looks great. Darn!! I really don't like Autodesk! Now I am going to have to get over that! ;)

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Oh yeah.

The other thing I have been looking at is the LiveScribe intelligent pen (www.livescribe.com) that records meeting conversations as well as being able to search later what you are typing as the meeting happened.

With an app to take care of that...I would be absolutely set.

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I wonder if someone will develop an app to allow sketching on the screen (using a nail(!!), pencil, pen, etc) Oh, don't tell me, someone already has? If they haven't, remember you read it here first ...............

Yes, you can get a stylus for the iPhone/iPod touch that will work.

It's Tenon Designs Pogo Sketch. I have one and it's pretty good. They should certainly work with the iPad.


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Well yes AND no.

You site some good Blogs for sure, & let me second Peter's point, be nice to see the end of being the family's technical support line. But I stand by the point I echoed about the iPad being a Consumer Device rather than a Creator's Device, not a value judgement, & not a crit. I would not give-up my iPod, & wish I waited rather than getting my wife a Sony Reader for Christmas!

While old Mothership CBC Radio is not nearly the info source it was even five years ago, folks like Jesse Hirsh (http://jessehirsh.ca/) & Bob McDonald (http://www.cbc.ca/technology/quirks-blog/author/quirks/) have interesting blogs and CBC Radio still offer some interesting & thoughtful discussions on things technical. Radio may be an old media, but I can shave or brush my teeth & listen; tough to do with an iWhatever. As for new media, CBC alumni Jesse Brown has some great podcasts (http://feeds.tvo.org/tvo/searchengine).

Given some of the comments on this topic, the iPad has hit a nerve. May of we VW users have wanted something like this to use to make our work's interface more like, well, more like drawing.

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The iPad may initially be aimed at consumers of media not the creators of content but that?s missing the big picture (something 24 hr news outlets are basically programmed to do). iWork on iPad is a prime illustration that in the long run this is nothing short of Apple?s replacement for the desktop metaphor.

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