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Vectorworks for iPad



So, I'd like Vectorworks for application for the iPad. I can imagine it being very useful as a site tool.

Open a model directly from a server over cellular internet connection (or sync before leaving office), view model in various forms, add notes and maybe even some analysis tools that can create information on the fly, etc.

Low priority of course but a wish none the less.

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i know this thread is getting a little grey around the gills, BUT . . . . .

Now that Lion is the current Mac OS, aaannnnddd, VW 2012 seems to run on Christiaan's current Intel iMac under OSX 10.7 alright(correct me if i'm wrong Chris) . . . . . .

NV should already have been able to grasp "What it Takes" to run VW on a Multi Touch orientated OS like Lion . . . . . ,

So, the "NeXT Step" to working under the mobile iOS for an iPad version of VW, would that be so difficult?

Like i said before, the scratch build for the iPad might help cure and clean up the problems with the old desktop incarnation.

We live in hope.

To New Beginings? :)

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NV are right to ask what's the problem that needs solving.

One problem is that retrieving information about a project can be difficult when you're out on site, and it can be cumbersome to make sure you have everything with you.

Vectorworks for iOS/Android could solve this problem by allowing you to connect to Vectorworks BIM Server when you're out of the office and view the model, drawings and specification notes.

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