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class lineweights changing at random?

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This has happened a few times now, so I've got past the 'I must have hit some weird shortcut key' stage to the 'why is VW trying to ruin my drawings?' stage.

I have a new project set up entirely in VW2010, apart from the topographical survey import from DWG there's no importing at all from anything else, such as VW12.5. There are 3 files (plans, sections and elevations), they all reference each other (layer referencing though, not VP referencing). I find that at random a class (all of which have my own personal colours and lineweights assigned) changes to having an assigned lineweight of 1.63mm (not one I ever use, not one that's even in my list to choose from), and the line style is shown as 'pattern'. It's not set to this is any one of my 3 files, so it's not like it's in one and keeps pulling it through the the others when the references update, it just seems to change at random. Except I seem to detect that VW is having trouble at about the time when it does it (like refresh is taking longer, and generally tasks are taking longer to complete).

Changing the class attributes back works, for a day or so until it decides to switch it again. Sometimes VW crashes whilst I'm trying to change the class attributes though, but then it's crashing a lot, so it may not be related, more of that on another post.

Is anyone else finding this or am I actually going mad?


iMac, 10.5.8, VW2010 SP2

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No, you are not going mad, and VW is not trying to ruin your drawing.

Others more expert than me may chip in, but I'm pretty sure the answer lies in "the topographical survey import from DWG". This is notorious for messing up lineweights and dashed lines and introducing a zillion or so extra classes. I was taught to never import a survey file directly into a work file - import it into a stand alone file, clean it out, then copy it over.

Also make sure your default class is None, and without having anything selected on the drawing, set everything in your Attributes palette to Class colour, Class thickness, etc. Maybe you default class is set to one of the imported classes with the odd lineweight.

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Hi, and thanks for your reply. It's not one of the imported classes that's going mad, it's one of my own, that I created, that isn't named even slightly close to any of the imported ones, and was in the file before the topo was imported. How can an imported dwg be affecting classes that don't exist in it?! And, this doesn't happen when I work on the imported dwg file in VW12.5...

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This happened again in a different project file, this time with no dwgs imports whatsoever, a pure VW file, however, it was VW12.5 imported to VW21010, and my file template was made in 2010 and imported, so that narrows it down. When I have time I'll try remaking the file template... all those classes, all those colours...!

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