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VW2010 crashing; not completing geometry rebuilding; autosave not working

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mmm, annoying thing just happened.

First the immediate question:

is there a way to import in a specific layer of a VW file into a another one (that is without copying) ?

Then the problem - working on VW2010 on Snow Leopard on a 27" iMac.

A file got damaged while placing a resource, some furniture that is in the VW2010 package. VW crashed and keeps crashing while regenerating the 3D geometry when trying to open the file I was working on; the odd thing is that there is hardly any 3D object, just max 15 seats in 3D. Now, here is the other thing: my autosave is every 5' - since years. But this time the last BU file was ... 2h old, even though I worked on it during that time. so autosave stopped working. FYI

Is there another way to recover the damaged file?

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