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groups and classes

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when collecting several objects (of another class) into a group the newly created group takes the class that is active.

However, while still in the same active class and

1/ when using the 'grey others' function the new group is also greyed

2/ when you use the view active class only the objects in a group disappear

Is there a way to see the groups AND the standalone objects that have the same class assignment as the active class?

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The only way to make this work is to have all of the objects inside the group in the same class.

Groups ( and Symbols) are "Container" objects. While they have their own class, they can also contain objects that are in other classes.

When you set the Class Options to Active only, you will only see objects in that class, ie the group, but since the objects inside the group are in other classes, they are not visible.

So, unfortunately, with the workflow you are using you are not able to do what you are looking for. Perhaps make a custom view that will show objects in classes that are inside the group and the group?

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